Our confettimaidens couple playing some Wii U.

So, just a quick update here. I’ve put my game down for now, I just need a small breather and to do other things. However, I have queued some stuff up that I’ve been meaning to for a while and will add more once I pick things up again.

As much as I love this game, I feel that due to the lack of street passes as well as other upcoming games I am preparing for, it’s best to move on for now. Keep an eye on this blog if you have enjoyed my Miis shenanigans so far! I do promise I will be back at some point.

Anonymous says:

Does this game have good longevity?

Hard to say right now, seeing that it hasn’t even been a year since this game has been released. I have placed this game down after a while and moved on to others like I normally have, but I think this game would be a good pick-up-after-a-while again sort of thing… Really, if you need something to help pass some time without eating too much of it, this game would be perfect. I know I tend to return to it still. To be honest, its possible longevity strikes me in similarity to how one would go about playing Animal Crossing, minus the penalties suffered from missing a number of days. All in all, I’ve quite enjoyed it and feel it’s been worth the purchase. <3


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Gonna queue up some images, but I have officially put down the game for a little bit. I'll update more as I play it! I'm sure I'll get back to it eventually.